Tree Service Pasadena is equipped with a broad range of skill sets to tackle any care you may need for your tree. As you will see below, we have many tree services to get the job done.

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Much more of an art than people give it credit, pruning is the proper care of a tree’s needs by your vision and ideas. If a tree is let go, it can wreak havoc not only visually, but literally, with things like other trees, other structures or telephone lines and things of that sort.

Tree Trimming
When preventative measures are needed for your home against impending damage from nearby trees, just give us a call to trim your trees back to a more manageable distance. A lot of potential destruction that would be caused by falling branches on your home or car can be prevented from regularly getting your trees trimmed.

Tree Removal
Most people request a tree to be removed when it’s either dead, damaged, or known to be dying. It’s important you consult with a professional in these instances because a weak tree is more likely to pose damage to your home, family, vehicles and personal possessions. As we use only top of the line tools and equipment, we can complete an entire tree removal project safely and when promised.

Complimentary Project Estimates
After knowing the requirements of clients, we provide them with a free estimate mentioning the exact cost of projects. In our assessment, we include each major as well as minor work that is to be carried out and we always honor the price mentioned in our estimate and never fail to finish each project within the agreed upon time.

Since we provide estimates, our clients can compare our prices with that of another tree service. We welcome all our customers to contact us freely for any queries, information, clarification or assistance.