Tree Service Pasadena specializes in full-service tree care projects in Pasadena California and the surrounding San Gabriel Valley area. Though we operate out of Pasadena, we are available for bids in the greater Los Angeles County as well.

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We love knowing that our hard work makes a difference in our customer’s lives. The safety we provide by clearing dangerous growth near foundations, power lines, other plants or structures.

We offer our services to both residential as well as commercial clients and customers.

If you are looking for proper tree services from an arborist, you in the right place because our company produces work that makes you proud; tree thinning, lacing or shaping, tree trimming services, pruning and tree removal.

No problem is something we can’t handle. This summer is going to be hot and dry, and we can help with fire zone clearance on your property.
We only offer yard and tree care of top quality and use the safest and most efficient techniques in our field.

We are the people’s tree service, and we’re here to help you. Reach out and contact us.