Tree Pruning

If you are looking to have the healthiest and most beautiful looking trees in your neighborhood, it’s important to prune regularly your trees. Depending on the species of trees or how you want it to grow there are some different techniques and methods of pruning your trees.

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Why Would You Want To Prune Your Trees
Not only is it like giving your tree a hair cut, but tree pruning service is also useful in a variety of scenarios.

For example, if your grass is having trouble growing in a particular area because a tree is blocking the sunlight and providing a little too much shade, your trees can be thinned out to allow a bit more light to pass through and touch your lawn.

Slim Your Trees And Canopies
It’s important to remove the dead wood as some types of trees can grow very dense. We advise removing about 20% of this canopy to let more light pass through as well as remove any dead wood. By thinning a canopy, it helps the tree by getting rid of the limbs that are decaying which regularly carry diseases and pests.

Safety Is What It’s All About
Not only does removing dead branches and wood from the tree maintain and maximize it’s health, but it also improves the safety of your property from falling branches and wood from above.

Heavy Limbs Are At Risk
In some cases, a tree has one or two giant branches that seem way too big to be supported by the tree itself. If you notice your tree is breaking or splitting because of its weight you need an expert to come out and look at it immediately.

Facilitate Proper Growing Environments
A visible sign of the need to get your prune on is when you notice limbs and branches of a tree growing over or against your roofline, windows or any structure on your land.

Fruit Tree Pruning
Each species of fruit tree calls for a slightly different method and response. It’s known that deciduous fruit trees should be pruned in January and February as that is their dormant season. Oppositely, citrus trees should be taken care of in the summer months when there is no danger of frost or freezing temperatures.