Cable Bracing

Are some of your trees falling over or splitting apart because they cannot support their weight? You may have trees that have been damaged due to high winds, earthquakes, storms or just from the weight of themselves. Situations like these are when cable bracingis recommended to help support the unions of a tree.

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It is potentially hazardous to have trees that are split or cracked at the base or stump area because trees with this “V” are highly likely to fall apart.

It is possible to provide more support a small fork in a tree by using cables and bracing around itself. This technique can add years if not decades to a trees lifespan. The sooner cables can be installed on a tree that is failing the better chances of it continuing a long and glory filled life in the sunshine of Pasadena.

We recommend cable bracing for:

  • split bases in trees that appear structurally unsound
  • any visible cracks in a tree near its base
  • trees with a lot of canopy weight
  • wind or storm damaged trees

Split trees can more often than not be pulled together and extend the life of a tree for decades to come. Cabling and bracing allow fixing a tree before it fails or splits apart completely.

You most often want to utilize cables and braces in three types of scenarios:

  • prevention
  • restoration
  • mitigation

If you have any questions on our cabling process, you may dial us at 626-415-4030.